Stúdió Kópháza

About me

Welcome to my website. My name is Szilvia Bögölyné Molnár and I have been a professional photographer since 2018. I set up my studio in 2019 in Kópháza, Hungary. My favorite subjects are childrenfamilies and nature.

My work:

I specialize in portraits of children, families and adults in both fine art and traditional styles. Clients have the option of indoor or outdoor photo-shoots. For a more unique look I can provide hand-painted backdrops as well as vintage style dresses I create myself.

Publications and Exhibitions:

My portrait photography has received several awards in well-known international children’s magazines and my nature photographs have been exhibited in Budapest.

If you like my work, please contact me here.


Prices are tailored to each shoot, taking into account several factors, however the general price range is usually from 20,000 to 30,000 HUF.  I have price specials for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, and more which will be posted on this website. 

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